Bean Boozled Challenge: Watch Candice Cameron Freak Out

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The newest challenge craze is known as 'Bean Boozled'.

The basic concept is that Jelly Belly has put out a box that contains flavors like 'Stinky Socks' and 'Lawn Clippings'.

You dive into the box not realizing what you will be tasting, and you challenge your friends to eat different jelly beans.

The latest victim to the jelly bean nastiness is 'Full House' child star Candice Cameron. Candice is shown gently trying the Jelly Bean before realizing it is 'Rotten Egg' flavor and completely freaking out. In fact, it is a more epic freak out than just about any Ice Bucket Challenge.

She runs to the kitchen to spit it out and has a seriously physical reaction to it. Cameron is preparing for the the Hallmark Channel's Movies & Mysteries which happens to also feature Lori Loughlin, another Full House alumni.

Jelly Belly was smart with this challenge and we will have to watch and see if any more celebrities take it on. Can't envy the taste testers over at that company.

Welcome to the next big thing craze, sponsored by the largest jelly bean company in the world of course. Watch the complete freak out: