Be Excited About The New Season of MTV's 'Teen Wolf'

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The two-part season premiere of MTV's "Teen Wolf" is right around the corner and it seems like show-runner "Jeff Davis," will be putting his all into reviving the show after it lost a great deal of viewers.

Lydia Martin's Kicking Ass and Taking Names
Lydia Martin's (Holland Roden) initiation into the supernatural world has definitely been at a slower pace than her friends. It wasn't until the end of season 2, when she helped bring Jackson back from being a Kanima, that she was allowed into the world.

Even then she spent most of the first part of season three unaware of her powers and the second half trying to understand them.

In the five minute teaser from MTV, Martin got her smackdown on and took down a few guards.

It's always satisfying to watch this character grow, as she probably has one of the biggest character development out of all the remaining original characters.

The Bond Between Scott and Stiles
The relationship between Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) has always been a tight one. They're each other's support systems and have pulled each other through a few tough situations. As Stiles says in the episode "Hotel California" the two are more like brothers than friends.

Which is why a rift between them would be very interesting to watch.

Davis has been alluding a rift between the two for a couple of seasons now.

According to Davis, the show will go back to focusing on the relationship between the boys revolving around the question of will they lose their friendship when they go to college.

Family Ties
Stiles and Scott aren't the only ones with a strong bond. Family has always been a working theme on "Teen Wolf." The Stilinski's strong father/son dynamic has been the reason behind tears, and at first Ms.

McCall (Melissa Ponzio) was distressed by the fact that her son was a werewolf, she's been there to help him through the harder trials of the supernatural world.

Even the small glimpses into the Martin family have been full of love and acceptance when it's needed the most.

Awesome Music Choices
The music for "Teen Wolf" is always a part of the show to look forward to. When the show was in it's fledgling stage, the cast raved about the music choices for scenes and the fact that the people who find the music for them always look to lesser known musicians.

The music from the show can be found on MTV's Soundtrack page and on Spotify. Admittedly, the show was a source for a summer soundtrack one year.