'The Bachelor' Star Nick Viall Visits The Ellen Show

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It has been one crazy season for The Bachelor, Nick Viall.

The reality star visited The Ellen Show to chat about the season, who he may end up with and the fact that ABC has casted the first black Bachelorette in Rachel Lindsay.

Rachel being casted the new Bachelorette was actually the first topic and Nick encouraged the crowd to clap after DeGeneres delivered the news.

DeGeneres said she was surprised after Nick didn't pick Rachel because it seemed like they had plenty of chemistry. Nick agreed that from the first night they had great chemistry, however, he thinks Rachel will be an excellent bachelorette.

Rachel being picked for the Bachelorette made DeGeneres feel like Nick picked Corinne Olympios. She explained that Corinne made such a huge impression on everyone that it would be strange to think she wouldn't be chosen as the new bachelorette, unless of course, Nick picked her.

Nick remained pretty stone cold throughout the prediction and he did say that the crazy parts of Corinne was the parts that the producers chose.

DeGeneres was impressed with Nick after he sent Corinne away following a date he had with another girl. Nick said he thought it was the right thing to do.

When DeGeneres asked Nick if he was in love, his answer was "maybe." In case things don't work out for Nick, DeGeneres gave him a three-year subscription to Match.

You can watch the hilarious interview in The Ellen Show video below.

'The Bachelor' Star Nick Viall Visits The Ellen Show