'Awkward' S4 Ep. 14 Recap: Welcome to Hell

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Jenna learned the harsh feelings of rejection on tonight's new episode of "Awkward."

It was time for all the students to learn which colleges they were accepted and rejected from. Everyone was stressed, especially Jenna and Tamara who were rejected from SCU, a school they really wanted to attend. Jenna unfortunately had to tell her parents, who were high on her going there.

Jenna realized that her rejection could be turned into something positive with the help of her teacher. Jenna and Matty were able to talk things out about their situations, and as always Matty was able to cheer Jenna up.

Jenna's parents took it in their own hands to try to get Jenna into SCU, but she stopped them saying it was her fault and she understand the school's decision.

Jenna also had to deal with aftermath of kissing Owen on New Years Eve, and unfortunately for him her frustration was taken out on him. She did her best to keep it a secret, especially because she broke her and Matty's no-hookup clause.

She talked things out with Owen and he too, helped to give her a pick me up.

He revealed that rejection sucks but he has learned everything will work out. The two agreed to keep chasing what they wanted, and they shared a kiss as the episode ended.

The next episode of "Awkward" airs Tuesday, Oct. 14th at 10 p.m. on MTV.