'Awkward' S4 Ep. 13 Recap: New Year's Nonsense

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Jenna's New Year's Eve plans to make a move on Matty went completely awry as the night spiraled out of control on tonight's new episode of "Awkward."

Jenna planned a nice night in with Matty and was hoping she could steal a kiss with him, however Tamara and Jake showed up, spoiling her plans. They ended up heading to Sadie's mom's party full of her college friends and older people.

While Sadie was originally supposed to be "the help" she invited an insane amount of high school kids over to crash the party, thus inciting a rager.

The mix of the adults and high schoolers proved to be tough for everyone, with different cougars hitting on the younger guys, especially Matty. Of course Jenna took this wrongly and did her best to c***-block all the attempts that were thrown at him.

They were still able to talk and connect, and their moms were also able to become friends, which helped Jenna's situation.

New Year's kisses spread like wildfire throughout the party, and unfortunately for Matty, Jenna kissed a piano-playing Owen she met that night at the party. She was under the impression Matty didn't want to share the special midnight moment together, when in reality he was looking for her.

Jenna broke her no hook-up pact with Owen, who she found out was as sophomore at their school.

She lied to Matty and her friends about where she was at midnight, and her and Matty agreed to make up for their missed midnight kiss.

The next episode of "Akward" airs Tuesday, Oct. 7th at 10 p.m. on MTV.