August Alsina's 'Hip-Hop' is Making His Fans Proud

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As one of the new and most popular faces in R&B August Alsina has developed a strong voice in music.

We aren't talking about his vocal ability which is undeniable, we are simply speaking about his influence over fans especially with his song "Hip-Hop."

("Hip-Hop" Music Video Below)

Alsina's song "Hip-Hop" is arguably one of his most powerful and influential songs ever. It's about coming from the bottom and witnessing some pretty tough things growing up.

The music video includes visions of protest and unrest.

It's not by any means a new track, however, it is necessary in the case of the current unrest in the South, regarding the debate over the Confederate flag decision and the clashes between protestors who are for the flag and those against it.

Yesterday Alsina made the post below to his Instagram page featuring images from the protest and the lyrics from "Hip-Hop," specifically "I pray for more better days, I know that I can feel change." Instead of inciting violence or invoking a heavy opinion, Alsina is simply hoping for change and that message is something fans are proud of him for delivering.

You can check out the music video for "Hip-Hop" below.


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Watch the music video for "Hip-Hop" below.