'Arrow' Recap: 'A.W.O.L.' Season 4 Episode 11, Search for Shadowspire

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Fans were relieved to know that Felicity is alive and kicking on CWTV's Arrow. In "A.W.O.L.," episode 11 of season four, Oliver and his team face a dangerous task when trying to find Shadowspire.

A new threat has arrived in Star City and Diggle has to turn to his brother Andy for help. The threat is an agent of Shadowspire, and they are forced with some serious decision when Lyla's safety is involved.

Diggle wasn't quite prepared for what he learned and he gains a lot more insight into his brother's time in the military.

Oliver is now coping with a new start and he also has to be prepared when Felicity decides she can't be a part of the team.

The episode got into full swing as Diggle and Lyla take a romantic walk home. She tells him they should have taken a car then they are interrupted by Alan Chang who is shot and taken by Shadowspire. Diggle tries to get him back but he is kicked off of the van and he and Lyla are now confused as to what just conspired.

Oliver is helping Felicity in anyway possible even if it means carrying her up and down the stairs. Oliver says he has no chance of stopping Darhk without her help.

She tells him he might have to because of her spinal injury. He tells her that her superpower is her brain.

Felicity tells him that her mind is not right and she doesn't think she is okay to rejoin the team. Oliver is interrupted by the text from Diggle who tells him what happened. He gives Felicity a kiss and meets with the rest of team Arrow is order to figure out how they are going to locate Chang. Thea says they need Felicity but Oliver says that Felicity is ready to join again.

They all disperse on individual missions and Diggle takes his brother Andy a burger. Andy is questioning Diggle about how he began fighting crime with the Green Arrow.

Diggle tells him that Oliver is a good man and asks him to remember when he once fought crime side by side.

In a flashback, Diggle and Andy are in a Humvee on a mission in the military when they are attacked by the Taliban who shot at them with an RPG. They engage in a gunfight and and Diggle runs off to plant a trap while his brother and the rest of the team distracts the Taliban. Andy risks his life to make sure the Taliban falls for the trap and they two were quite a formidable team in the military.

Felicity as at the apartment and is hearing a voice in her hear. The voice is accusing her of self-pity and she meets up with the vision of her former self, the hacker Felicity.

Laurel is meeting with detectives at the scene of a murder and when she gets a moment she allows Diggle to come over and assess the body. The victim was being tortured for information but they also took the victims eyes. Diggle and Lyla visit Amanda Waller at A.R.G.U.S. but she doesn't give them any answers. Waller says she is regretful for Chang's death and also tells them how much she misses Lyla at A.R.G.U.S. Just before she left, Lyla snagged a USB with the Shadowspire flashdrive thanks to Waller.

Felicity is still hallucinating with herself and Lyla and team Arrow are getting down to finding Chang's partners before Shadowspire gets to them. In a flashback Diggle and Andy are proposed an opportunity to make some money off of the confiscated drugs. Andy denies and Diggle tells him how proud of him he was.

In present day Diggle meets with Andy and asks him how many criminal organizations he is part of. Andy was once a member of Shadowspire and he was not straightened out by the army.

Andy said he saw the world as broken and he pretended to be a different person other than his brother.

Andy does say he wants to help and gives Diggle some information on where he might be able to find the rest of Chang's teams. Felicity gets a call from Oliver and they need her help. The old Felicity asks her if she is going to fall for that but Felicity just carries on with the mission.

She hacks into the building and does a pretty good job while team Arrow battles the Shadowspire crew. Chang's partners are both dead.

Felicity may have accidentally trapped Diggle and Oliver but before Diggle is toast, Oliver breaks through a wall with an explosive and both her and Diggle make a clear getaway.

Oliver returns home to Felicity who is pretty upset at what happened. Oliver tells her that she is not at fault for what happened. Felicity tells him there is no going back to normal and she says she can no longer be a part of the team.

Oliver tells her she can't let her injury stop her and she says she can't do anything.

Midway through the conversation she is visited by the hallucination of who is really confusing her.

Felicity becomes overwhelmed and screams "shut up." She makes sure Oliver knows that she is talking to him but when she asks to be alone for a little while Oliver leaves with a confused look on his face.

Andy has been taken to A.R.G.U.S. and locked up there as Waller questions him as to how Shadowspire knew about the weapon that they are after. Andy says that Shadowspire isn't after the guns they are distracting A.R.G.U.S. to get to something else. Oliver and Laurel are sparring and she notices that something is wrong.

She tells Oliver not to be hard on himself but he says everything that is happening is his fault. He tells her about Barry traveling through time and changing what happened.

He thinks that what happened to Felicity was a result of him having Barry change time. They are interrupted by Diggle who leads them to the shipment.

Felicity is continuously plagued by her hallucination and Felicity asks why she is there. The hallucination tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself and pretending that she is the girl with the blonde hair and sense of fashion. The hallucination is trying to convince Felicity that she shouldn't be a hero. Speedy, Black Canary and the Green Arrow are staking out the shipping yard.

Lyla and Waller are working together while Diggle babysits Andy. Oliver says something is wrong and the Shadowspire team infiltrates A.R.G.U.S. with Chang's eye print. Waller realizes that Lt. Joyner is the one behind Shadowspire.

Diggle looks up and sees Waller, Lyla and the rest of the building being held hostage by Shadowspire and Joyner. Joyner wants access codes but Waller is not giving them up. Joyner kills a hostage and tells her that he will give her 20 minutes to decide again.

Diggle is trying to find a way to contact the team but Andy says that Lyla is in there and now is not the time to not trust him. In another flashback Diggle approaches Andy about buddying up with Joyner.

Andy says he was just talking blackjack and needs Diggle to start treating him like a brother and not like a criminal.

Oliver is trying to reach Diggle but he can't. Meanwhile, Felicity visits the lair with a little help from Curtis. She tells Oliver that she was feeling a lot of self-pity when she realized who she was. She wanted to be a superhero and help people.

The old her was so angry that it only created more anger. She wants to do good in the world.

She knows Oliver thinks what happened to her is his fault. She says the only one at fault is Darhk and they will stop him because it's what they do and who they are.

The moment is interrupted by a message from Diggle which says that A.R.G.U.S. has been compromised and Lyla is being held hostage. The transmission triggered a signal and Joyner sends some of his men to check it out.

Waller is still not giving up the access codes but Joyner turns the gun towards Lyla then to Waller. He shoots Waller and Lyla is the only one left.

He gives Lyla 20 minutes to make her own decision. Andy pleads with Diggle to let him help after they see Joyner pointing the gun towards Lyla.

The team arrives at A.R.G.U.S. and with a little help from Felicity they begin making their way through the building. Andy uses his former relationship with Joyner to bargain with a way to help Shadowspire, however, it's all a cover. Andy sells out his brother and Lyla by telling Joyner that they should check the ventilation shafts. The men are all lured away to find Diggle and they do.

However, the rest of team Arrow has been taking out Shadowspire agents. The gun is turned on Diggle and he tells Lyla to give up the codes.

Felicity manages to block the system so that Lyla can't complete the transfer.

Diggle knows that his friends are there and both he and Andy begin an attack on their oppressors. Everyone in team Arrow joins the fight and clears out all of the Shadowspire scum.

The team is celebrating a win and mourning the death of Waller. Diggle thanks Felicity for the assist and they try to figure out what they are going to do with Andy. Oliver pours Diggle a drink and it brings another flashback of Andy getting his cut from Joyner. Joyner traded the opium to the boss who happens to be Baron. Baron traded it for a map of purgatory. Oliver is unpacking a box at the request of Felicity and she shows him a photo of how she use to look.

She says she is not that person anymore and Oliver praises her for what she did to help the team. Felicity thanks him for always being on her side. She sets the photo of her on fire and places it in the garbage.

Oliver breaks some news to Felicity that her condition is permanent. He says that he doesn't want them to live in denial and he has seen people shrink, speed and fly.

He vows to find a way to make her walk again.

Diggle brings Andy home to his house for dinner and they agree to take it step by step. Lyla thanks Andy for the help and he finally meets his niece. It appears as if the old Andy is back.

"A.W.O.L." was a pretty emotional episode especially when it came to Felicity's feelings. Even more so was the struggle that Diggle faced along with the fact that Oliver also has a full plate.

Team Arrow looks a bit rocky but hopefully they can pull it together. Fans who want more Arrow extras can head over to The CW to find out updates as season four continues to progress.

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