'Arrow' Midnight City Recap, Season 3 Episode 11, Black Canary Rises & Oliver Awakens

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The "Arrow" fans saw their hero Oliver in good hands.

Tonight in "Midnight City," the eleventh episode in the shows third season, the team must pull it together to battle Brick and come to terms with Laurel taking on the task of becoming the Black Canary.

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Roy and Diggle try to convince Laurel that assuming her sister's role as the Black Canary might be a lot more dangerous than she can handle, ultimately leading to her demise. Felicity is still going through her emotions after learning that Oliver is dead. Brick is still wreaking havoc and kidnaps and threatens the lives of the city's aldermen unless the Glades are evacuated.

Malcolm tries to convince Thea to leave Starling City because Ra's al Ghul is after him and any remaining family members. Meanwhile, Oliver is still recovering from being defeated by Ra's al Ghul with some help from Maseo and Tatsu.

The action kicks off as a flashback of Felicity and Oliver before he set out to kill Ghul. His last words to her was that he loved her but what was Oliver's dream turns bloody and he awakens bandaged and healing. He is now barely walking and when Tatsu sees him she rushes to him with some herbs to help him heal further.

Tatsu and Maseo appear to have separated but there isn't a reasoning behind it yet.

Oliver says he is glad Maseo stayed but Maseo is leaving soon. Maseo tells him that Oliver's only concern should be his home and what has become of it.

In the Glades, a woman is being terrorized by one of Brick's men, however, the Black Canary steps in to help. When she gets herself in a bit of a snap, Arsenal comes to save her.

Roy then takes her back to the lair and tends to her wounds.

Roy is not happy with Laurel's choice to put the costume on and Diggle storms in with the same sentiment. Laurel says she needs to fight to put fear in the hearts of the enemies in the Glades.

Ray walks in on Felicity at work and they argue over his suicide suit that he is building and she refuses yet again. Thea meets up with her new DJ and it looks like there may be a budding romance around the corner. Just then Malcolm pulls up and he looks frazzled.

Thea tells him that she can't leave without knowing where Oliver is and if he is safe.

Malcolm commands her to get in the car but she refuses to unless he tells her the truth and walks away. Roy was close by and it seems as if he heard everything.

Laurel is late to a meeting about Brick and his men and her father asks if she has heard from Sarah because of the rumors that the Black Canary is back. The meeting of the aldermen gets one surprise from Ray, but is then surprised again when Brick and his men walk in and turn everything upside down.

Ray puts up enough of a fight and tells Felicity that's why he needs his suit.

The only survivors of the battle happen to be Felicity, Ray, Laurel and her father. Things are already off to a super rocky start preparing fans for an action packed episode.

Maseo's well being is of grave concern to Oliver but Tatsu doesn't seem too phased.

5 years ago in Hong Kong when Maseo and Oliver were continuing their search for Chin Na Wei, they are brought to the apparent assassin and Maseo says that once he sees her alive he will give her what she wants, unbeknownst to Oliver.

Lance tells Felicity that Sarah is back and after putting two and two together, she realizes that Laurel is taking on the task. Laurel questions one of Brick's men who was left behind and she threatens him with faking charges against him. The criminal gives in and says that he will tell her Brick's location.

Meanwhile, Roy pays Malcolm a visit and urges him to leave her alone. Roy says no matter what Thea will find out the truth and that Malcolm will lose her forever.

Felicity no has to take over another rich CEO but this time it's Ray. Ray admits that Felicity was right when she said he was going about his mission all wrong. It wasn't about Ana now it's all about Felicity.

It looks like Ray is moving in on Oliver's girl and he isn't there to step in, what does this do to the love story between Oliver and Felicity? Laurel and Roy embark on a mission to find Brick despite Diggle and Roy's warnings. They attack Brick and manage to free some of the aldermen.

Diggle has to do Felicity's job but Laurel is attacked and a failed attempt to kill Brick leaves one alderman dead.

The remaining aldermen's lives are at stake and Lance still believes that Sarah is alive. He is pressuring Laurel and she is beginning to feel the strain. Brickwell makes a phone call to the mayor and demands that he speaks with her in person.

Malcolm visits Thea and apologizes while also telling her the truth about Ghul marking him and his family for his crimes but never once did he mention Sarah. Felicity pays Laurel a visit to try to talk some sense into her but Laurel says that seeing someone die in front of her caused her more pain and vows not to put on the mask again.

She says she is not strong enough to fight for Sarah but Felicity argues that she should be doing it for the people who are still alive.

Laurel says that she thought Felicity quit but she may be working for someone else now.

The Mayor and Lance meet with Brick and Ray is present as well. Brick says that if he wants the aldermen back, they need to evacuate all of the cops from the Glades. Brick gives them one day to make it all happen.

When Lance calls for the Arrow Felicity sends the Canary instead. Maseo prepares to leave and Oliver tries to convince him that he can still have a life, even Tatsu tries to get him to stay by telling him that she loves him.

However, the cabin is being invaded by Ghul's men. Maseo greets them as Oliver and Tatsu are in hiding and when they fail to believe him he has no choice but to take them all out.

Maseo and Oliver get Tatsu back in Hong Kong but when Chin Na Wei tests the serum, she orders the death of Oliver, Tatsu and Maseo. The three fight Wei's men and manage to escape her wrath.

Back in Starling City, Roy and Diggle get together to think about the tough night they had.

The toast to Oliver and Roy begins to question whether or not they can do it without Oliver.

Felicity walks in and convinces them otherwise telling them that it's a mission for Laurel, Diggle, Roy and herself to save their people.

When the Mayor begins to cave Lance refuses to remove the officer from the Glades and tells her to do it on her own. Laurel calls from her sister's phone and pretends to be her by using a special mic that Felicity built. She gets her father to give her all of the intel on Brick but he is unable to provide her anything.

Laurel's lie is more emotional that she may have thought but a GPS on an alderman's pace maker may be able to help.

Felicity asks Ray to borrow his helicopter and he grants it willingly. Diggle is flying the copter with Arsenal and Black Canary as his passengers.

Diggle lands the chopper unleashing Arsenal and Black Canary on Brick and his goons. They are both motivated and make an excellent team.

Felicity is back to her job but just when Arsenal and Canary are about to leave with the aldermen, they come under fire from Brick.

Brick chases Canary's voice the two engage in a quick showdown. Canary escapes by jumping onto to the helicopter and Brick has now lost his leverage.

Maseo disposes the bodies of the men he killed to save Oliver who asks him to return to Starling City, however, Maseo inflicts a wound on himself to explain that he failed in bringing Oliver back. In a flashback, Maseo tells Oliver that the vile that Amanda gave him was a fake but he risked it all anyway for the safety of his family.

Laurel pays Lance a visit in the form of the Black Canary but her father he breaks the news that they will be pulling his officers out of the Glades.

When Lance asks her to meet for dinner she is unable to grant his wish be assures him that she is fine.

Malcolm is nervously awaiting Thea and when she arrives she refuses to leave once more. Thea says that she was never told why Malcolm is running from Ghul. She wants to stay and fight. She is determined because of what Malcolm taught her and makes a great case for them to stay and fight.

Felicity returns Ray's helicopter and gives him the nanite chip after fixing it. She is now on board to help Ray with his project.

Thea meets her DJ yet again and it looks like he is a member of the League of Assassins, who notifies Maseo that Malcolm and Thea are not leaving.

"Midnight" is another successful installment in the "Arrow" series exploring the underlying issues while not straying away from the major tasks at hand. Laurel's determination to continue her role as the "Black Canary" should be taking Oliver by surprise once he returns to save his city.

Fans who want to see what happens next will have to tune into "Arrow" Wednesdays at 8 PM EST on The CW and for those who haven't gotten enough, you can head over to The CW to catch up on all the "Arrow" extras.