Arrow 'Guilty' Recap, S3 EP6, A New Canary In The Making

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When Laurel's trainer Ted is accused of murder, it is up to "Arrow" and Laurel to get him the help he needs in "Guilty," the sixth episode of the action packed season three.

The accusations placed on Ted stem from the a body that was found strung up in the "Wildcat" gym.

The weekly episode to episode flashbacks occur where Maseo gives Tatsu the task of helping Oliver remember where the some key hidden information has been stashed by an informant for China White.

While Oliver struggles with visions of his mother, Roy is struggling with the dreams he has been having about murdering Sarah (Black Canary).

The action kicks off with Roy daydreaming while out on patrol with Arrow. Diggle, Oliver and Roy are about to take down a drug cartel and the team begins the fight.

As they do their rounds, Oliver stumbles upon bodies strung up and heroine all over the floor. Oliver and Diggle realize that the act was personal and Roy stumbles upon some pretty cryptic writing reading, "Guilty" in blood.

Felicity tries to help the team track the man they are looking for and Oliver tells Roy that he will be taking the night off because he isn't acting right. In a flashback Maseo and Oliver are going back and fourth on trying to find out more information about China White.

When Oliver spots someone that could lead them to her, he tails him but is quickly attacked.

When Oliver chases him the man is hit by a car and Maseo asks for the envelope he was carrying, however, Oliver says he didn't see him hide anything.

The flashback continues to relive a past run in that Oliver had in Asia after he got off the island.

The larger story has yet to come to fruition, however, fans could probably expect it to have something to do with all of the new additions to this season of "Arrow."

Laurel and Ted continue their intense training routine and they finish up earlier than she expected. Roy asks Felicity to test his blood for Mirakuru and lies to Felicity about why he wanted to get tested.

Arrow continues to wreck through the drug cartels in pursuit of Emilio Ortega and finds out that he is in The Glades.

Oliver finds Ted in the Wildcat gym with a body hanging upside down just like the others and draws his bow in his direction.

Arrow accuses Ted but Laurel steps in and gives him an alibi as the two were out to dinner. Roy realizes that he is free of the mirakuru after Felicity tests his blood.

He then admits to Felicity that he was having memories which caused him to have nightmares.

He tells her he has the feeling of being strong and out of control and in the dreams he killed Sarah. He tells Felicity that the dreams feel like reality, like real memories.

Laurel gives her father an alibi for Ted and he tells her that they have to continue their process of checking the bodies before they can cut him loose. Oliver and Laurel chat about what is going on with Ted. Oliver and Laurel also have another argument over her training and her warns her to keep an eye out for him.

Another flashback occurs with Oliver meditating and Maseo's son questioning the reasoning behind it. He actually learns to pay attention from from his son but Maseo asks his wife Tatsu (Katana) for the real help.

Tatsu is not happy when she sees Oliver interacting with her son but still offers to help him. Oliver questions Diggle about any information on Ted and the only thing they came up with is negative information.

The know that his nickname is "Wildcat" and that he is a lefty. They also learn that the injuries inflicted on a murder of the same kind years ago was caused by a left hander wearing brass knuckles.

Oliver goes after Ted as the Arrow and the two fight a incredibly intense fight. He tells Oliver that he is being set up because he use to do what the Arrow does.

Oliver tells Ted that he had never heard of another vigilante in Starling City.

Ted gives Oliver all of the information he needs and also confesses to beating a man to death years ago. Arrow and Ted square off and Ted offers to help the Arrow take the man responsible down.

Yet again Laurel and Oliver are arguing about her involvement with Ted as he waits impatiently. Ted tells Oliver that a trail is being left for them to follow meanwhile, Oliver and Laurel are still at odds over her training and what she aims to use it for.

Felicity tells Roy that he can't join Diggle and Oliver, she then tells him that she ran an autopsy on Sarah and that the only explanation for the force is the mirakuru.

She tells him that it could have been his last episode before he burned out all of the last remaining mirakuru.

Ted and Oliver are attacked by the man who has apparently been framing Ted and just then the police arrive to arrest him in what looks to be one very elaborate set up. Oliver tells Laurel that he knows that Ted is innocent but he knows the man who is responsible for the killing. Roy tells Laurel that he killed Sarah and shocks not only Laurel, but Oliver and Diggle.

Laurel is obviously upset with the news and Oliver lets Roy go to clear his mind. It seems like the task at hand takes a short backseat as the entire team is rocked.

Oliver tells Laurel that she needs to fight what she is feeling and find out from Ted who is causing the mayhem. Felicity confirms with Oliver that the findings are almost fully positive.

In another flashback, Tatsu trains Oliver to quite his mind in order to see where the key information was stashed. The exercise helps and he remembers where envelope was stashed. Laurel walks in on her father's interrogation of Ted and asks to speak with him in private.

Laurel puts her worries aside and does some interrogating of her own. She asks him to be straight with him and he tells her that the mans name is Isaac.

Ted tells Laurel how he became a vigilante and informs her that Isaac was somewhat of his apprentice. Isaac was the one who really killed the drug dealer and Ted wuit his crusade at that point.

Meanwhile, Diggle tells Oliver that he needs to let Roy go. Ted is released but he and Laurel are confronted at gunpoint by Isaac. Isaac is holding Laurel and Ted and Laurel strategically gives them a call without Isaac noticing in order to pinpoint her location.

Diggle and the Arrow head to rescue Laurel and Ted but Oliver is knocked off the bike. Roy comes out of nowhere on his bike and manages to stop the car but when it crashes, Laurel and Ted are both in danger.

Ted and Laurel are saved and Roy assumes the role of battling with Isaac. He is able to defeat him and asks Oliver not to abandon him, to which Oliver responds, "never."

Ted and Arrow discuss ways on how he can thank him for helping him. Oliver tells him that he can stop training Laurel, Oliver also tells him that the reason for Isaacs turn is because Ted lots faith in him. Oliver and Laurel finally chat again and he tells her that he will always watch out for her because he cares about her.

She asks about Roy and Oliver asks her if she trusts him. In a meeting Roy tells Oliver that he will be turning himself in but Oliver insists on helping him figure out what his mind is trying to tell him.

He practices the exercise that he learned from Tatsu with Oliver and it is revealed that Roy remembers the real person that he killed, the police officer.

Roy did not kill Sarah but he is shaken up at the fact that he did kill someone.

In the final flashback Oliver retraces his memory and finds the envelope. He an Maseo analyze the message within the image and it reveals a name that they must now trace in order to find China White.

Tatsu tells Oliver that she wants him out of her families life.

Laurel pays one final visit to Ted and tells him that his training was what helped her get through their accident. Ted tries to refuse Laurel the training but she persuades him to do otherwise.

Isaac is saved by Carrie Cutter, or Cupid! Yet another new character is introduced, wielding a bow and arrow but it appears that she is on the wrong side of the law.

"Guilty" is another notch in the roller coaster ride of a season for "Arrow." Laurel is now on her way to fulfilling her sisters destiny with her training and a little help from Ted (Wildcat).

Fans who want to see what happens next will have to tune into "Arrow" Wednesdays on The CW and for those who haven't gotten enough, you can head over to The CW to catch up on all the "Arrow" extras.