'Are You the One?' Ethan and Amber's Baby shower

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On tonight's special reunion of "Are You the One?" Ethan and Amber from the first season invited the other cast members to their baby shower, and updates about the cast were revealed, including who stayed together and who split up.

During the reunion show back in April Ethan proposed to Amber, and just a little way down the road the two found out they were expecting a child, thus inviting everyone back for another reunion.

The cast members highly underestimated the drama that would be coming with the second reunion after the show.

The biggest drama came from Chris, who had a bad split up with Shanley after the show aired. No one was happy with Chris's behavior, and Shanley was not shy about saying how big of a, "psychopath" he was. The two made it awkward for everyone throughout the show, and Chris tried to put on this chill vibe, saying things are "just whatever." Later that night at the party the two finally tried to talk about things between them.

Chris continued his "I'm chillin" stance, despite how Shanley told him how bad he made her feel.

He completely disrespected her on social media, which is the main reason of her hatred towards him.

He apologized for his actions, and the two eventually seemingly made up and agreed to attempt to bury the hatchet and go their separate ways.

Presents were passed out, including speeches by Ryan and John. While Ryan's was a nice poem, John left it all out there in his roast of the other cast members.

Mostly everyone took it in good stride until he made a personal and secret comment about Scaly and Jacy, which pretty much dampened the mood until his final jokes about Ethan and Amber.

Jacy's betrayal by Scaly caused even more drama, and of course Chris offered his "philosophical" advice: just chill.

Once the booze started flowing that night the drama level increased with everyone, mainly Jacy and Scaly. The two finally talked about their situation, where Jacy revealed she was moving to New York, which is the home of Scaly. Scaly admitted he was ready to grow up for Jacy, but she is hesitant to commit to anything with him and is waiting to see what happens in New York.

Adam and Brittany also have tension between them since the show.

Adam did his best to try to get with Brittany again, but she denied him with Ryan's help. Ryan and Adam used to room together, but after the baby shower their bromance had fizzled.

The second season of "Are You the One?" with an all new cast airs Monday, Oct. 6th at 10 p.m. on MTV.