'Are You the One?' S2 Premiere: Nosebleeds & One-Night Stands

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Tonight's second season premiere of MTV's "Are You the One?" introduced 21 new young and single daters all looking to find their perfect match to split the prize of $1 million if they correctly pick the ten perfect matches.

Ten men and 11 women who all have love and dating problems met in the beautiful Puerto Rico for a ten week adventure in search of fun, romance, and perhaps most importantly, money. Each went through a vigorous testing process in order to establish the perfect matches, and if the cast gets all ten perfect matches at the end of the show they split the grand prize of $1 million.

This season brought a curveball, however, as one guy had two perfect matches, and then an eleventh girl was introduced to the show: Christina (her Twitter).

The guys and girls were all eyeing her up and down; the guys out of lust and the girls out of hate.

Drinks were flowing from the start as they all got to know each other and try to figure out early on who their match was. The personalities of the guys and girls were revealed pretty early. Anthony (his Twitter) proved himself to be a huge d*****bag early on by bragging about how big of a player he is and how equipped he is as man.

Ellie (her Twitter), meanwhile, quickly became a fan favorite as she revealed she brought her pleasure toy with her.

The first night brought tragedies and triumphs, interests as while Jessica slept with Anthony, John accidentally kneed Brianna (@blacuesta) in the face, fracturing her nose and causing a nosebleed and forcing her to go to the hospital.

The second day the challenges started. The contestants had to team up as a couple and the first three winners won a getaway date.The first challenge required the couples to use their bodies to melt a block of ice to get to a key.

Layton and Alexandria were the first to win, with Brandon and Jessica taking second and Pratt and Paris taking third. Each couple traveled by private plane to the island of Culebra.

Next came to the truth booth, where the losing couples voted in one of the three winning couples to see if they were a perfect match. Pratt (his Twitter) and Paris (her Twitter) tried to hide their interest in each other and avoid the truth booth by convincing everyone else that they don't get along and are definitely not a match. However once people got the word of it the truth came out and people weren't fans of their strategy.

If you are a confirmed perfect match you get to leave the house and explore Puerto Rico freely. Brandon and Jessica were the first voted into the truth booth, and with the rest watching they were revealed to not be a match.

Everyone was ecstatic that they weren't a match including the two daters so that they could pursue others.

At the matchup ceremony things got tricky because of the uneven number of girls, and whichever girl didn't get chosen would have to leave the show. The one girl left out The guys got to choose which girl they believed to be their perfect match and Layton (his Twitter) went first, who had a tough choice on his hands between multiple girls.

This was an obvious foreshadow of things to come this season as girls will obviously be competing over guys.

Host Ryan Devlin revealed that after the first matchup ceremony the cast had 2 perfect matches, but it was not revealed which ones were correct.

The cast now have nine tries at $1 million dollars. The next episode of "Are You the One?" airs Monday, Oct. 13th at 10 p.m. on MTV.