In Anticipation For Ab-Soul's 'LT3' Mixtape: Top 10 Tracks From All 'Long Term' Projects

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TDE rapper Ab-Soul has been teasing his "Long Term 3" (LT3) mixtape for what seems like months now and after the release of "These Days" last year fans can only expect some of the hottest tracks from Soulo.

In anticipation for the mixtape, the "Long Term" projects have all been broken down and we lay out the top 10 tracks from all of the projects combined.

The countdown starts with his "Lyrically Speaking" track off the first "Long Term" project.

Soul is a lyrical marvel and his talent showed throughout this song that set the tone for all of the fire that was found on "Long Term." The Sounwave beat is riddled with samples from some of the greatest rappers but Soul's verse was a proclamation of his lyrical talent that he has been wowing fans with for years now.

"Lyrically Speaking" By Ab-Soul

In at number two is the "100 Yard Dash" song also found on the first "Long Term" project. The song is produced by Adam Rose and features verse from Ab-Soul that are more hardcore in nature.

He is clearly hungry on this track rhyming about all of the material things that he wants.

Though he comes off as a harsh rapper in the song, in the end Soul says "I'm just kidding, I wouldn't hurt a fly," to reiterate his good spiritual nature.

"100 Yard Dash" By Ab-Soul

The third track featured on the 10 best "Long Term" project songs is "Watch Yo Lady" featuring Kendrick Lamar. These two artists literally run lyrical laps around any rappers in the game.

They take the Styles P and Jadakiss approach to rhyming where they switch off to finish each other's verses.

It was one of the most impressive songs put together by Soul and fans can really see why Jay Z has so much respect for soul.

"Watch Yo Lady" By Ab-Soul

"Drift Away" is the fourth top track on our list. This song is so West Coast it's not even funny but even more interesting is it takes a different approach than many of his other tracks.

He uses the casanova approach in telling a story about a guy who doesn't have all of the riches in the world but just happens to have all the right words to say.

The beat is smooth and Soul's lyrics match it perfectly.

"Drift Away" By Ab-Soul

"Turn Me Up" might be one of the best tag team efforts between Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar. The TDE rappers and friends have been killing the game since their younger days and this song is no exception.

They really immersed themselves in the Tae Beast produced beat.

Soul continues to use the unmatched wordplay to get his message out. His lyrics are like a mental exercise for fans and if they listen deep enough they will love what they hear.

"Turn Me Up" By Ab-Soul featuring Kendrick Lamar

The list would not be complete without "Passion" featuring the late Alori Joh. Joh was the long time girlfriend of Ab-Soul who later passed.

Soul sends shot at all the rappers in the game claiming that rap is more than just music it's his passion.

Soul rapped about his soul and his talent that he found missing in a lot of mainstream rap in yet another amazing track.

"Passion" By Ab-Soul featuring Alori Joh

The sixth song on the list is "Long Term 2." Soul declares that all his dreams will come true on this track. The happy-go-lucky beat accompanies the optimism expressed throughout the track.

"Long Term 2" By Ab-Soul

"Hell Yeah" featuring ScHoolboy Q has to be included on the list at number seven. The song features another one of Soul's TDE members who looks to bring it all for Soul.

Both rappers give it all they have on this song that sounds like a declaration of the new world we live in including the fact that healthcare is not a free right in the U.S. He also goes over the troubles he faced when he was coming up and the legacy he intends to leave. What people don't realize is that Ab-Soul called out rappers before Kendrick Lamar did on control and it's all over the end of this song.

"Hell yeah we been patrolin the game, watchin the throne
Plottin on Jay and Kanye, Marshall and Andre
Lil Wayne, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Wale
That bitch Nicki, J. Cole, Rozay"

"Hell Yeah" By Ab-Soul featuring ScHoolboy Q

Number eight is "Top Dawg Under Dawg," a heartfelt song where Soul pours his feelings all into the track. It was the struggle Soul had with himself as he says he almost quit rap.

He proclaims himself as the Superman of the rap game.

He talked about his TDE peers who seemed to be doing better than him in the game but urges listeners not to get caught up in what others are saying or doing.

"Top Dawg Under Dawg" By Ab-Soul

"Nothing New" is the ninth track on the list featuring Jhene Aiko. The track is just smooth and soothing to the ears especially with Aiko's vocals at the end.

Soul finally saw his dreams coming true and this song served as one of the many realizations of that dream.

"Nothing New" By Ab-Soul featuring Jhene Aiko

Last but not least is "Constipation." The song was featured on "Longterm Mentality" with all of Black Hippy gracing it.

Ab-Soul and ScHoolboy Q started things off with some more of the back and forth lyrics. Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock then try their hand at the back and forth style in the fast paced braggadocios song.

"Constipation" Ab-Soul featuring Black Hippy

So there you have it, the complete top 10 tracks of Ab-Soul's "Long Term" related projects. Let's hope the rapper releases that "Long Term 3" mixtape pretty soon so we can edit this list.