Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter Looking Better Than Ever

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It's been quite some time since fans heard from Amanda Bynes on social media and now she looks to be back and looks to be doing better than ever.

In the photo below Bynes is seen with fashion designer Michael Costello at the SOAR Los Angeles Gala. Bynes looks bright and is giving the camera a subdued smile.

She seems to be in much better spirits and has been making quite the amount of public appearances.

Last week Bynes was spotted out enjoying some time at the pool as Just Jared reported with a ton of photos of the star cooling down in a yellow bikini.

Fans didn't seem to care that Bynes wasn't Twitter active as they continued to tweet her with uplifting tweets during one of the more troubling times in her career. Bynes was facing some pretty confusing internal issues and it led to a Twitter rant that no one saw coming.

She's come quite a long way since then and looks ready to take on the media and her fans once more. Does this mean we will be seeing more regular posts from Bynes in the future?