Album Review: Zedd's 'True Colors,' A Mystical EDM Journey

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The EDM scene has yielded plenty of artists who have found their way to widespread radio success.

Among these artists is Zedd and his new album "True Colors" refreshes the minds of his fans as to why they fell in love with his sound in the first place.

Zedd's debut album "Clarity" provided just that for fans.

He clearly showed that he has an EDM style that uses an impressive mixture of disco, techno and silly dub-step gurgles throughout his music as well as the smooth mystical undertones that carry the listener through the different synapses of the brain.

"True Colors" brings fans a sound that inspires burst of colorful images in your head or takes you back to a specific time where you felt free.

The opening tracks include his three singles, "Addicted To A Memory" featuring Bahari, "I Want You To Know" featuring Selena Gomez and "Beautiful Now" featuring Visionary Music Group artist Jon Bellion. Bellion isn't the only VMG artist featured on the album.

Zedd takes the unexpected route to add a bit of Hip-Hop flare to his high intensity sound with Logic on "Transmissions," alongside the X Ambassadors.

The first four tracks are a mystical ride featuring amazing choruses of love and the declaration of it. "Addicted To A Memory" explores the images of a love that was so deep yet lost. "I Want You To Know," is a declaration of love while "Beautiful Now" is a celebration of that love.

The three singles work quite nicely in a colorful narrative that listeners will be able to appreciate.

"Transmission" is a Disco inspired powerhouse of a song featuring a short but incredibly fast paced verse from Logic.

The chorus like most on this album is meant to invoke a type of relativity between the listener and the music itself.

"Done With Love" features an uncredited artist with a strong voice as well as a clever "Seinfeld" - like break. It's another successful arrangement that manages to maintain the non-stop intensity that the listener will have encountered thus far.

It's worth mentioning that all the tracks flow into each other as if you're listening to a radio mix or story unfolding.

The track "True Colors" sharing the same name as the album serves as the mellow break in action while "Straight Into The Fire" kicks the action back into gear.

"Papercut" is the smooth standout of the album alongside the singles released. It features the soft voice of Troye Sivan that echoes in your head.

It's a song that screams ecstasy and bliss that will bring images of the bluest ocean with an endless horizon.

"Bumble Bee" is the creation of both Zedd and Botnek. As you can imagine it's as busy as a worker bee with it's robotic noises and heavy bass line.

"Daisy" is another beautiful breakdown featuring Julia Michaels who was also featured on "Straight Into The Fire." It's got new wave Disco written all over it with impressive vocals.

Meanwhile, Echosmith widely known for their smash hit "Cool Kids" has broken into the EDM world with help from Zedd on the track titled, "Illusion." Lead singer Sydney Sierota flexes her vocal versatility as Zedd adds an immensely addictive arrangement.

The song itself is no illusion it's a cry for a change from "a broken down fantasy" of love that is searching for an illusion to cover it all up.

Overall, "True Colors" is solid and full of future club anthems. It picks up right where "Clarity" left off and it's almost as if Zedd has his foot on the gas the entire time.

It's bass-heavy, with beautifully arranged build ups and the perfect vocals to match it. Fans who are interested in finding out what it all consists of on their own can check out Zedd's "True Colors" on Spotify as well.