Album Review: Meg Myers 'Sorry' is Alternative Rock at it's Finest

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There is an artist by the name of Meg Myers who happens to have a kick-ass alternative sound that will grip you and never let go.

That effect can be found throughout her debut album Sorry and proves that big sound might be around for a long time.

(Album Stream Below)

Sorry opens up with "Motel" a track with a bit of folk undertones covered up with soul freeing lyrics from Myers about recognizing sadness and putting it aside even when times seem dark.

the album continues with "Sorry" and intoxicating, intense and haunting song that is truly expressing a loss of feelings and emotions. However, it's apologetic and asks for a reminder of what's going to be missed.

One of the surprises on the album is "A Bolt From the Blue" which seems to have a pretty deep rooted electronic aspect. It's a declaration of feelings and also expresses a need for confirmation but it's very much a solid song with a very catchy chorus.

The album's first single "Desire" jumps back into the alternative rock sound. There really is no other way to describe other than hauntingly sexy, which is also the conclusion you might draw from the official music video for the track.

"I Really Want You To Hate Me" is a rebellious track about going against the norm. The chorus finds Myers singing "I want to die" in a hardcore self-loathing nature. Things come to a whopping halt with "Parade" which is much softer song which seems to be about settling for love but one that is easy to live with.

"Lemon Eyes" might be the big fan favorite among all of the other songs on Sorry. It's pure rock and well produced. It's got a catchy feel good sound that makes it pretty easy to love.

"Make A Shadow," "The Morning After" and "Feather" pretty much combine the sounds of the previous eight tracks to bring the album full circle.

Sorry is very solid debut from Meg Myers with a bit of diversity thrown in, in the best way possible. You can stream the album below.

Listen to Meg Myer's Sorry below.