Album Review: Mac Miller's 'The Divine Feminine' Adds To His Stellar Discography

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It seems like everything Mac Miller touches turns to gold. His most recent album The Divine Feminine is no exception to that statement. It's a brilliant addition to his incredible discography.

What Miller created with The Divine Feminine is a wondrous piece of work that includes various deep musical components, a soulful an at times sultry piece that celebrates women in many ways.

The introduction titled, "Congratulations" featuring Bilal is smooth and light on the ears.

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Bilal's addition is super soulful and Miller doesn't hold back in his verses where he promises to get a relationship right.

He speaks of perfecting a relationship with someone who truly brings him happiness and seems to be celebrating that special someone who has entered his world.

It's a nice transition to the album's first single, "Dang!" featuring Anderson .Paak. This track pretty much speaks for itself and is a guaranteed hit.

While every song on the album is pretty much high quality, "Stay" falls behind the rest.

It rides pretty nicely and the jazzy undertones blend nicely with the production, however, it doesn't quite invoke the feeling that the other tracks do.

"Skin" is a sexy ode that explicitly describes all of the things Miller has planned for that lovely lady that has stolen his heart.

Things pick up a bit with "Cinderella" featuring Ty Dolla $ign. It's a radio ready song that summarizes the anticipation that a man feels when he knows he is expecting extra special from his significant other.

"Planet God Damn" featuring Njomza was a particularly highly anticipated track for us following their previous collaboration "Creatures of the Night." "Planet God Damn" was completely different in terms of the arrangement and feel of the track.

It was much lighter with an old school, 90s R&B vibe.

My album is number 1

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"Soulmate," "We" featuring Cee Lo Green and "My Favorite Part" featuring Ariana Grande all bring silky vibes that just make for an intensely joyous listening experience. The big finale titled, "God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty" featuring Kendrick Lamar continues to strengthen the bond that Miller has with TDE artists.

Not to mention the amazing music they tend to make when the worlds collide.

It's definitely the biggest highlight on the album not because it's a Lamar feature, but because musically the arrangement was spectacular, the verses from Miller were of the highest quality and the chorus is incredibly catchy. Overall we really love what Mac Miller brought on The Divine Feminine.

It's a beautiful piece of art that we will be bumping for a long time. You can stream Mac Miller's The Divine Feminine Album below.

Stream Mac Miller's The Divine Feminine Album Below