Album Review: 'Lukas Graham' Self-titled Album Will Bring Out Your Emotions

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When Lukas Graham released "7 Years" they began getting all sorts of attention because of how genuine the song was.

It began receiving heavy radio play and on this day of their self-titled album, Lukas Graham's "7 Years" sits at number two on Billboards Hot 100.

The rest of the Lukas Graham album is just as emotional and relatable as it's opening track "7 Years," which is a song you can listen over and over again without getting tired of it.

The vocals of Lukas Graham Forchhammer, the bands lead singer, is astounding and rich.

What's more impressive about Forchhammer is the way he is able to balance the Pop, Rock, Alternative, Soul and in some small instances Hip-Hop pieces into beautiful pieces of work.

The album continues with "Take The World By Storm," an uplifting song that really encourages you to get out there and search for something greater than where you're at in your life.

Meanwhile, on "Mama Said," the band uses a highly altered version of Annie's "It's A Hard Knock Life" that pretty much has a similar message to that of Twenty One Pilots "Blurryface." It's all about growing up with your parents encouraging you to follow a good path and leave behind all negative influences you may come into contact with.

On "Happy Home," you can feel just how great of an impact Forchhammer's family had on his life. It's a beautiful ode to his "Happy Home" and his family.

It's also a way for Forchhammer to shout out his friends who were there for him when his father died.

"Drunk In the Morning" is a little escape from all of the emotional offerings that gets your feet moving. This song isn't the normal reaction you would have when drunk-dialing someone but with the light-natured beat and catchy chorus you simply can't help singing along.

"Better Than Yourself (Criminal Minds Pt.

2)" is a beautifully composed track that is haunting and mesmerizing. Not to worry, the tempo kicks in with the soulful track titled, "Don't You Worry About." The song finds Forchhammer flexing his vocals that are simply stunning.

"What Happened To Perfect," "Strip No More," "You're Not There" and "Funeral" close out what is an exceptional album.

Lukas Graham will be around for a long time if they continue to make such an appreciable album. You can stream the Lukas Graham album below. Let us know what you think about the album in the comments section.

Stream Lukas Graham's Self-titled Album