Album Review: Logic's 'Bobby Tarantino' Surprise Project is Full of Heat

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Just when we thought "Flexicution" and "Wrist" were one off tracks Logic comes in and smacks us in the face with a surprise album titled, Bobby Tarantino.

From the "illuminatro" intro title, you get the feeling that Logic is creating something that is a little off his path with Bobby Tarantino.

Logic said he wanted to create something for his fans to turn up to but we can't help but think he is also poking fun at the mainstream game and showing that with the flip of the switch, he can easily run that game as well.

The intro seamlessly flows into "Flexicution" which we were already huge fans of.

After "Flexicution" comes "The Jam" which features another hard-hitting beat and an auto-tuned chorus from Logic. It's a little strange to hear it but the truth is, everything Logic seems to touch just works.

His flow lends itself to underground rap, mainstream rap and trap/turn-up music. On "The Jam," Logic wants his fans and haters to know that he is still the same Logic.

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He even states that he is just "f**king around with the trap s**t" and that his next album is a wrap and on another level.

He also shouts out Kid Cudi once again and we are hoping that those two get together to create something very soon.

"Slave II" finds Logic saying that he is angrier than Kanye and he even flexes a little bit, comparing his album sales to everyone else, which proves he is able to get sales instantly.

There is another classic skit titled, "A Word From Our Sponsor" which sounds like a continuation of the "Sell Out Records (Skit)" from the Young Sinatra Mixtape. In the skit, Logic is telling fans that this Bobby Tarantino mixtape was child's play for him and he is in no way shape or form selling out.

His third album will be another conceptual album which we are going to welcome with open arms.

Next up is "Wrist" featuring Pusha T, the track that Logic premiered on Beats 1 radio with Zane Lowe.

It's a heavy-hitting conceptual track that Logic created after he came up with the story of a drug lord making his way up the ranks.

Bobby Tarantino continues with "Super Mario World" follows with it's lighter beat and Logic completely destroying the track. "44 Bars" is without a question one of the standout tracks on Bobby Tarantino. Logic's flow and the smooth beat compliments each other so well.

It's also one of the tracks that aren't focused on turning up. It's Logic who is unapologetically blunt and honest about his life. It's what we love about his music and we're glad that he including this track.

The turn-up continues after "44 Bars" with "Slave." The track jumps back into the hyped up music that was featured on the first half of Bobby Tarantino, though it is a little less in your face.

Bobby Tarantino ends beautifully with "Deeper Than Music" with Logic explaining that his craft and what he works so hard at is "Deeper Than Money."

On Bobby Tarantino Logic has managed to surprise us with some high-quality pieces of art.

The production is immaculate, the layout and overall flow of the album is on point and most importantly Logic has delivered something that his fans are going to love.

You can stream/listen to Logic's Bobby Tarantino album in the audio below.

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