Album Review: Lady Gaga's 'JOANNE' Has Something For Everyone

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It's here, Lady Gaga's highly anticipated Joanne album is out and there seems to be a little something for everyone on the latest piece.

From powerful ballads to radio-ready dance tracks and country inspired hits, this is truly one of the most diverse albums from Gaga.

The majority of Joanne does lean towards a country-dominant sound, however, songs like "Perfect Illusion," "A-YO," "Dancin' In Circles" and "Come to Mama" feature their own identities.

Gaga will reel you in with radio tracks like "Perfect Illusion" and "Dancin' In Circles" wow you with the jazzy sounds on "Come to Mama" and then bring you to your knees with "Million Reasons."

(Album Stream Below)

There are plenty of feelings and emotions that come upon you once listening to the album. From those seeking guidance to party animals who want to dance you really have a multi-faceted piece with Joanne.

What strikes us even more is that everything Lady Gaga touches is pretty much gold.

She is dripping with raw and natural talent that has pretty much been identified in any piece of work she has done, whether it be film or music.

The album only boasts one feature which happens to be "Hey Girl" featuring Florence Welch. The track is flawless and features an undertone of togetherness and support.

There is so much you can say about Joanne that it's best just to have listeners find out for themselves. You can stream Lady Gaga's latest masterpiece Joanne below.

Stream Lady Gaga's JOANNE Album

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