Album Review: J Dilla's 'The Diary' Shows Why He is Heavily Missed

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It's incredibly easy to see why J Dilla is regarded as one of the greatest producers in hip-hop.

What many don't know is that J Dilla was also a raw and talented lyricist. Thankfully some of the tracks that captured his ability to rhyme have been compiled into a brand new album The Diary.

From the extremely impressive "The Introduction" to the very last track titled, "The Doe" J Dilla brings authenticity and cutting verses. These songs represent everything that hip-hop embodied in the golden 90s era.

Dilla is braggadocios, real and makes it known that he could have very well rhymed with the best had he not passed on tragically. Pieces like this get fans excited because on The Diary, Dilla's spirit is kept alive.

"With tracks ranging from freaky, Prince-like experiments 'Drive Me Wild' to cathartic, street-level soul 'F**k the Police,' The Diary presents a vision as thrilling and varied as the career of the man who made it, with production and guest spots from Madlib, Nas, Snoop Dogg, and more," commented iTunes.

The album contains features from Frank N' Dank, Nottz & Boogie, Kenny Wray, Snoop Dogg, Kokane, Bilal and of course, Nas. Stand out tracks include "Gangsta Boogie," featuring Snoop Dogg and Kokane, "The Sickness" featuring Nas, "So Far," "Trucks" and "The Ex" featuring Bilal.

Dilla's rhymes are multi-dimensional and it's evident that we lost an incredible talent way too soon.

The Diary really speaks for itself and the listener will be able to feel the presence of one of the greatest musicians in hip-hop history.