Album Review: Desiigner's 'New English' Why It Will Be Hated and Loved

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After facing criticism for making the 2016 XXL Freshman List with only one track, then delivering what many including us are calling a mediocre freestyle for the project, Desiigner slaps the critics in the face with his new project New English.

While we are excited to hear something from Desiigner other than "Panda," the project will be hated and loved. Kicking off with the bad side of the spectrum is the reasons that Desiigner's New English will be hated.

The first and most obvious reason is the fact that Desiigner just sounds too damn similar to Future in plenty of instances.

Desiigner is in no way any different from Future in terms of his sound. Both of the artists use heavy-hitting production with a similar delivery.

On track number three "Make It Out" Desiigner seems to abandon the future sound, however, it's one of the very few instances when you don't think yo yourself, "this guy is a future clone in terms of delivery." Take "Caliber" for instance, you are immediately greeted by the trap beat and auto-tuned and adjusted delivery.

So, if you're a Future fan, you will either love Desiigner's New English, or hate him for sounding too close to Future. On the more positive side of the spectrum, the younger hip-hop crowd who loves the hype music will absolutely love the album.

The production is heavy and the verses while a little unclear at times, are solid. If you are looking for music to get you energized, New English is the way to go.

Stand out tracks off of New English include: "Caliber," "Talk Regardless," "Roll Wit Me," "Da Day" and "Jet" featuring Pusha T.

Is New English worth the listen to figure out where you stand with Desiigner? Yes. However, you should expect to wrestle with the fact that the music is just so catchy you can't stop playing the mixtape.

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