Album Review: Collective Soul's Full Circle with 'See What You Started By Continuing'

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There aren't many bands from the 90's that are still continuing to make music true to their origins but Collective Soul managed to do just that with the new album See What You Started By Continuing.

See What You Started By Continuing kicks off with the high intensity track "This" and it will really get fans energized but even more important, it's a blatant reminder that Collective Soul hasn't lost a bit of it's original. Sound.

When we spoke to the band's lead singer Ed Roland he told us that "the album is Collective Soul and if you like Collective Soul you'll love the album." Genuine Collective Soul fans would agree right out of the gate.

The See What You Started By Continuing's second track "Hurricane" is a perfect balance between the intensity of "This" and more subtle tones that highlight Roland's vocals. There are also the signature breaks where Dean Roland, Will Turpin, Johnny Rabb and Jesse Triplett are able to show off their musical talent.

The band has made a comeback after six years of not putting out any new music.

They took a break but the music is still as fresh as ever so you don't really notice the time that has past since the last release.

"Exposed" is the track that Roland calls his favorite on the album. It's quite in your face and serves as an anthem for anyone who has ever been taken advantage but gets the last laugh when the person who took so much from them is now "Exposed". See What You Started By Continuing is a second wind for the band and it's evident that they are taking full advantage of it, without sacrificing the roots and originality.

Other standout tracks include "AYTA" and "Contagious". Overall it's a very solid album and all members of the band contributed to a comeback album that makes fans feel as if Collective Soul never left.

The band's country-wide tour kicks off tomorrow in Atlanta, GA. You can stream the album below and check out the interview we conducted with Ed Roland to learn more about the album.

Listen to See What You Started By Continuing below.