A&E's 'Love Prison' S1 E1 Recap - Billy and Jeanne

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On the season premiere of A&E's new series "Love Prison" single mom Jeanne and spirited bachelor Billy met face-to-face for first time after dating each other online for six months.

The two spent a week living with each other on a remote island where their relationship was put to the test.

Billy Serviss, a 42-year-old bachelor and single father living in Long Island, and Jeanne Siegel, a 39-year-old single mother from San Clemente, Calif. met on a dating website and have been online dating for six months.

Now it was time for them to meet in person as they were forced to share a one-bedroom cottage on an undisclosed private island.

The couple was told they would be forced to stay inside the cottage for 23 hours a day, with technology use allowed. 40 surveillance cameras were installed on the property to capture the roller coaster of events of the week.

An emotional greeting was exchanged between the two, and the digital daters expressed privately into the narration camera that they both felt an attraction and chemistry between them.

Their first day on the island displayed positive chemistry between the two, however it also provided the first of what would be many uncomfortable moments between them.

Starting on the second day their relationship was really tested when their confession tapes from their homes, where each dater had displayed their personal truths, thoughts and feelings about the other, were played in front of them.

Throughout the week a segment of their videos played and Billy and Jeanne were forced into having a serious conversation about what was revealed. This led to tension filled and emotional-side revealing conversations that would be a common theme for the rest of the episode. The biggest argument arose when Billy's video revealed that he was consistently seeing multiple girls at the same time.

He claimed that he and Jeanne weren't an official couple and he didn't have to reveal that information to her. This information deeply hurt Jeanne and she felt that Billy cheated on her.

Despite the major argument and the 3,000 miles between them Billy told Jeanne that he was ready to settle down and continue a serious relationship with her.

Jeanne felt differently, saying that she cannot see a relationship between them working out. However three months after their week together they agreed they would give it another shot to see if they could establish a serious relationship.

The next episode of "Love Prison" airs Monday Sept. 15 at 10/9c on A&E. For more information and content from the show visit aetv.com