Adorable Puppy is Ashamed of Tearing Up A Pizza Box

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Who says animals don't know how to feel ashamed? This cute little puppy was all excited until her owner brought up her destruction of a pizza box and the pups reaction is too cute.

(Video Below)

The video was posted to Reddit and starts out pretty light.

The puppy seems enthusiastic to see her owner and approaches him with her tail wagging. Then things get a little sad when her owner whips out a torn up pizza box.

"Where ya going? Hey I just want to talk to you bean," said the owner as the dog backed away and ran off to sit on the couch.

The video was originally posted to the Tony Clifton YouTube Channel. As the pup sat on the couch her head hung low in shame while her owner continues to try to get her attention.

She then falls over with her paws up in a surrendering motion as if to say "I did it, I'm sorry." Her owner continued to ask her about the pizza box and all she could do was look away in shame.

It's okay girl we forgive you. Check out the adorable video below.

Watch the adorable video below.