Adorable Little Girl Thinks She is 'Just Like Serena Williams'

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We all had individuals that we looked up to when we were younger.

For some it was a fire fighter, police officer and sometimes a superhero. Often times it's an athlete especially in this case where an adorable little girl thinks she's just like Serena Williams.

(Video Below)

The video below was posted to the Mr Minor 2 Major YouTube Channel and it basically depicts something we all did at least once as a kid. A little girl holds up a Sports Illustrated Magazine with Serena Williams gracing the cover.

Williams recently defeated her sister Venus at the 2015 US Open in an emotional match for both.

As the little one holds the magazine up, she relives a story of shooting the ball up in the air and mimics the toss that tennis players do when serving. She speaks about how her dad was so cool because he was encouraging her and telling her how much she was just like Serena Williams. The countless amounts of poses and enthusiasm that came with declaration is just too cute.

I wouldn't try convincing her otherwise if I were you. You can check out the video below.