Adorable Little Girl Thinks Darth Vader is Her Father

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The Star Wars frenzy is continuing and one of the darkest villains of all time actually has an incredible adorable supported.

The toddler in the video below thinks that Darth Vader is her father and she shows how much she loves her dad in the cutest way ever.

"Halloween 2015 we dressed as Vader, Padme Amidala & Leia.

Ever since then, my daughter Emma has kissed a Darth Vader decal on my MacBook and said 'Daddy,'" according to the caption of the video posted to the Paul Ross YouTube Channel.

The video has just started to make its way around the internet and has found its way to Reddit. While many may detest Darth Vader for being the poster boy for the dark side, this little one just loves him so much.

You simply can't get enough of her excitement and the idea that she is totally convinced that Darth Vader is her father.

Of course, this could get a little weird when sh finds out that Darth Vader is not her father.

Imagine if she went to see the Star Wars film, she'd probably be running up to cardboard cut outs of Vader. Though it's better to love an original character rather than the new villain Kylo Ren, right?

Check out the incredibly adorable video below.