Adorable Baby Buzz Loves Dandelions So Much He Can't Stop Laughing

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We all love those baby videos where they get so riled up they can't stop laughing those infectious laughs.

This video is no exception as Tom Fletcher's son Buzz sees dandelions for the first time and loves them so much he can't stop laughing.

(Video Below)

The video was posted to Fletcher's Official YouTube Channel and later found on Reddit. Fletcher is a guitarist and dad who has well over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

But enough about the dad here. It's all about Buzz who is riding shotgun on his dads back. Fletcher begins filming the video and is holding a dandelion in his hand.

As fletcher says "okay Buzz you ready," he blows on the Dandelion and sends the seeds flying all about much to Buzz's delight. Buzz lets out a giggle that turns into a full on laugh.

It's incredibly hilarious and continues to go on every time Fletcher blows on the dandelions. The laugh is so infectious that Fletcher even loses it and joins in. Check out the adorable video of Buzz enjoying the dandelions below.

Watch Buzz's first interaction with dandelions below.