Adorable Angels Fan Defeats His Tricky Hotdog Treat

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Going to a ballpark and having a hotdog or some Cracker Jacks is something everyone should experience once in their life.

Hopefully your experience doesn't turn out like this little guy who was trying to enjoy a hotdog that just kept escaping.

(Video Below)

This is the real way to celebrate National Hotdog Day. The video has gone viral and sites like Bleacher Report have been having a bit of fun with it.

What's even more embarrassing for the little guy is that it was all caught on live TV, however, from the looks of it, it doesn't seem to phase him one bit.

The young Angels fan is enjoying his hotdog, or at least trying to enjoy it but it keeps giving him the slip.

"This little fella, who was in attendance as the Los Angeles Angels beat up the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday night, seemed more concerned with his frankfurter than the blowout," according to the Bleacher Report story.

The hotdog eventually falls out of the bun and like a real champ this little one already appears to know about the 5 second rule. He picks it up out of his seat and continues to snack on the treat completely unphased.

Meanwhile, what looks like his brother sitting next to him is completely taken up with the game and doesn't notice the hilarious act that's going on right next to him.

Check out the awesome, hilarious and adorable video below.