Is Ab-Soul Enjoying 'All Day' By Kanye West? : Where Is 'LT3' ?

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Over the last two months, Kanye West has been the talk of all media outlets and now it looks like Ab-Soul is enjoying the new single "All Day" featuring Allan Kingdom, Theophilus London and Paul McCartney, but where's LT3?

Just a few hours ago, Soulo tweeted the title of the song that has been buzzing all over social media since it's initial release.

It looks like West has yet another Hip-Hop fan of "All Day" as he continues to spread the hype for his upcoming album "So Help Me God." However, Ab-Soul fans may be more concerned with the LT3 (Long Term 3) project that he has been teasing for quite some time now.

While he did release his "47 Bars" track produced by major Hip-Hop producer Alchemist, he hasn't really let on much about the project or put a release date behind it.

If there is one thing that has been hard to deal with being an Ab-Soul fan it's the unknown or changing release dates.

That being said, a lot of other artists have this problem as well and it is becoming more frequent. Projects are announced and some even fall through. There was once a collaborative mixtape between Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole that was heavily talked about but never came to fruition.

Speculation like this can really hype fans up and when it never comes through, fans are let down in the process. Ab-Soul has never been an artist to let his fans down.

Whether it takes a year or months or weeks, his music is always solid and well worth the wait.

So it looks like everyone will just have to wait and see what greatness Soulo has in store for all of us.