4K Shot Video Of Sandboarding In Peru Makes You Rethink Life

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Normally the videos you find on Reddit have some kind of hilarious factor and for the most part many are shot using regular cameras or mobile cameras.

This video of a group of people Sandboarding in Peru shot with a 4K camera may make you rethink your life.

(Video Below)

In just two minutes and 41 seconds, Scott David Winn, filmmaker, songwriter and friend as he describes himself in his video, manages to shoot what looks to be the best time you could ever spend in the middle of a sandy deserted area.

The video was posted to Winn's YouTube page on February 11 and is now rising up Reddit's video page.

According to his YouTube caption, the video was "shot in 4K on the Red Epic and Panasonic GH4, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and featured music Produced in Logic Pro X." The video shows a group of friends who take to sandboarding in Peru, but what started out as simple sandboarding, turns into a big party in the middle of nowhere with awesome off-roading vehicles.

The amazing angles and epic music "Calling Out" by Scott and Brendo, makes for one extremely appealing thrill ride of a lifetime.

It's appeal comes from the sheer fun and look of enjoyment by everyone involved.

The music reminds you to live in the moment and never let it pass by in somewhat of an inspiring tale told through the events in the video.

It's shot extremely well and will definitely make those suffering in the cold East Coast to Northeast Coast jealous.

Check out "Sandboarding Peru In 4K" Below