3-Year-Old Talks Emergency Dispatcher After Her Pregnant Mother Falls Down The Stairs

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There is becoming an increase in calls such as the one you will hear below, as of lately. A 3-year-old makes an emergency call after her pregnant mother fell down the stairs and her poise is remarkable.

"A three year old British girl is being awarded for her bravery - after she phoned the emergency services when her pregnant mother fell down the stairs," according to the caption of the BBC news video uploaded to YouTube.

"Emma who's from Bristol in South West England managed to give her address to the responder and talk through what had happened."

Little Emma can be heard describing what happened to the best of her ability but what remains shocking in situations like these that have occurred in the past is the fact that all of the youngsters remain so very calm.

One of the most adorable moments during the phone call happened to be Emma telling the emergency dispatcher that her mommy had gone back to sleep, which possible means that she had lost consciousness, however, that was the only way Emma could describe what was going on.

While plenty of us won't admit it, panic sets in during these instances and sometimes the emotions get the best of us. However, little ones like Emma show us exactly how we should act in times of emergency.

Listen to the audio of the 3-year-old and the emergency dispatcher below.