13-Year-Old Boy Scout Keeps His Father Alive During Boulder Accident

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This is one of the stories of bravery that just happens to show how resourceful our youth can be. 13-year-old Charlie Wilstead Finlayson showed bravery and poise when he kept his father alive for two-days before seeking help.

(Video Below)

"The boulder fell on him and then he kind of tumbled down like 20 or 30 more feet," in the rugged terrain of the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness area, Charlie told NBC News.

"David Finlayson broke his left arm and leg in the accident.

Charlie bandaged his dad's wounds with a first aid kit, brought him warm clothes and a sleeping bag for the cold night, and cared for him as they made their way back to their camp site, a mile away -- with Finlayson dragging himself along."

Due to the severities of his father's wounds. He told his son that he would have to go get help. Aided by a detailed note of what happened, Charlie was able to find help for his father three miles away.

Thankfully Charlie's father was able to get help in time and so far has endured two surgeries with more to come according to the report. This young man showed bravery and poise beyond his years. Check out the video below.

13-Year-Old Boy Scout Keeps His Father Alive