10 Awesome Celebrity April Fools Pranks

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Celebrities are always looking for a way to scare each other.

Take the Ellen DeGeneres Show for example, it's almost like it's April Fools Day year-round. So, we decided to pick 10 Awesome Celebrity April Fools Pranks and throw them in a slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

The list features everyone from Ellen DeGeneres to Golden State Warriors center Festus Ezeli. It's always awesome to see celebrities having fun with each other and makes for awesome entertainment for us all.

We began with Sam Smith's coming out as straight which everyone may have realized was an April Fools joke from the initial tweet.

Pop star Justin Bieber makes the cut not once but twice, while Rihanna's might be the ultimate celebrity prank of all time (Kanye West Voice).

No one really knows where April Fools originated but it's an excuse for everyone to have a little fun, just don't take it too far and definitely don't pull pranks on your barbers/hairdressers or anyone who prepares food for you, trust us on that one. Look out for your favorite celebrities through April Fools Day to see if they pull any pranks and let us know in the comments if there is a particular prank we missed out on.

We'd also like to know what your greatest April Fools Pranks are so share the stories in the comments section as well.