WWE's Paige May Have To Retire As An In-Ring Wrestler

Paige just recently came back from a neck injury after a long 17 months away from the ring. Sadly though, it looks like her comeback has been cut short because she might be forced to retire for good this time around.

As reported by PWInsider, WWE doctors have alerted Paige that she will not be cleared to wrestle after suffering another injury recently against Sasha Banks.

Multiple sources tell PWInsider that she might be forced to retire as an active in-ring wrestler.

The injury she suffered recently was very serious because Sasha Banks kicked her from behind. Paige experienced something called a 'stinger' which is when you temporarily lose feelings in your limbs.

Even though Paige is still 25 years old, she has been wrestling for a very long time. Thanks to her parents also being wrestlers, Paige started wrestling herself at the tender age of 13.

However, she has been wrestling for 12 years and neck injuries are the worst thing to experience if you are a professional wrestler.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge are two other wrestlers that retired early thanks to suffering multiple neck injuries.

Paige will have to be written off of the 2018 Royal Rumble. This is quite sad because this year's PPV is the first time that the women are getting their own Royal Rumble match.

Despite the possibility of Paige not being able to wrestle ever again, this does not mean she will leave the WWE forever.

It's being said the company wants to keep her in a non-wrestling role much like Daniel Bryan now is the GM of Smackdown Live.

Tests are still ongoing so there is a slight chance she could still be cleared to wrestle in the near future. That said, the chances look very slim sadly so she may have to rethink her future career options.

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