The Howard Stern Show's Benjy Has A Super Creepy New Hobby (Listen)

The Howard Stern Show returned from vacation this morning, and after two weeks of absence Howard Stern had a lot to talk about. Howard and Robin spent a bunch of time discussing the death of Wack-Packer Nicole Bass among other things. But there was one thing that happened over vacation that got everyone's attention.

Howard Stern Talks Benjy's New Hobby

While Howard was relaxing, he found out that Benjy was doing something very different. It appears that Benjy was tweeting photos of his privates - in the erect position - all vacation long.

At first, Howard wasn't sure what the pictures were showing. But Benjy went into the studio and verified that the pics that Howard was looking at were in fact pictures of Benjy's you-know-what.

Howard, Gary, Robin, and the rest debated Benjy's size for a while, with Howard insisting that it wasn't very big. Not surprisingly, Benjy was confident that it was. Howard said that it was just sad to see Benjy doing this kind of stuff to get attention.

Of course, there had to be some talk of how disgusting Benjy was. According to Howard, Benjy's you-know-what was blotchy and veiny.

It turns out that Benjy's photo was shared among celebrity watchers sites, including Perez commented that he thought that Benjy 'half-assed' it. You can hear Hilton's comment below:

Andy Cohen also had something to say about Benjy's pics:

Even members of the Wack Pack thought that Benjy's photos were disturbing and that there was something wrong with him. Mariann called in to explain that she believes that Benjy is messed up.

Howard Stern Remembers Nicole Bass (and the Death Pool)

After discussing Benjy's pics, Howard turned to discussing the death of Nicole Bass. Bass passed away while the show was on vacation, so Howard and the gang hadn't had a chance to remember her.

They noted that it was shocking that Bass died before Jeff the Drunk. Jeff called into the show to discuss what he was doing at the time. Meanwhile, Jon Hein was upset because he had picked Bass in the "Wack Pack death pool" before they decided to cancel it. If they had not canceled the pool, Hein would have won over thousand dollars.

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