Howard Stern Talks Wack Pack Death Pool With Sal, Benjy

On today's The Howard Stern Show, Howard explained the backlash he got after last week's Wack Pack death pool.

During the last show of last week, Howard and the crew set up a death pool to bet on which Wack Packer would die first. This came after the tragic death of Wack Packer Joey Boots over the Christmas holiday. At the time, everyone joined in on the death pool, but Sal sent an email after the show to Baba Booey saying that he wanted out of the pool.

Apparently, Sal felt bad about joining in on the death pool, and he wanted to remove his bet on Tan Mom. Howard and Robin took shots at Sal for his "religious" magical thinking, especially since he watches women urinate on each other.

The conversation turned to Benjy after Ronnie said that Benjy smelled. Howard brought Benjy into the studio to discuss his weight and smell. Like Sal, Benjy also explained his problems with the death pool. Callers were immediately unhappy and wanted him out. According to Howard, Benjy discussed being "born again" on Facebook.

Because of all of the defections, Howard decided to play recorded conversations with the Wack Pack about the death pool.

The crew called Bigfoot, who updated them about his drug habits. He stopped snorting pills, and has reduced his crack consumption. Meanwhile, Tan Mom was flattered that Sal picked her for the death pool. And High Pitch Erik says he won't die.

Wack Packer Angry Alice was upset that Howard picked her, and she insisted that she would outlive him. Nicole Bass laughed it off and then started talking about her sobriety. However, she talked about her seizure disorder, and the crew thought she sounded very medicated.

In the end, there was no resolution on whether the death pool was a bad idea. Although Howard admitted that it was in bad taste, he says that he's hoping that the death pool will help Wack Packers change their unhealthy ways.

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