Howard Stern Trashes Donald Trump About Leaks on The Howard Stern Show

Today on The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern did a segment on yesterday's Trump top story. In case you missed it, Trump blabbed classified information to the Russians during a meeting earlier in the month, and now he's in a lot of hot water.

Howard Stern said this about Trump and his ability to keep secrets:

I know Donald -- I can believe he said this... he started to brag about his inside knowledge...

Donald's got to get out of his f---'s killing him, because I know Don. He loves to go in the room and brag about s---t...

He doesn't realize everybody knows he's the president -- he forgets that...He just wants everybody to like him, and it's not going well...

Howard Stern played a fake call clip of Trump talking about getting peed on by Russian whores. In the clip, Trump says, "now I'm president and f---ing up everything. Sad."

In the call he also says, "I play golf every weekend but when I do it I'm not a black guy [in reference to former President Obama]." It also includes the sound of Trump jerking off. He then calls his base methheads, saying "it doesn't matter how much I lie, these gullible dips--ts still believe in me."

Howard has been a vocal skeptic of the president since he got into the race.

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