Howard Stern And Andy Cohen Trash The Tonys on The Howard Stern Show

This morning on The Howard Stern Show, Andy Cohen was on to talk about the Tonys, John Mayer, , and more.

Howard Stern and Andy Cohen talk The Tonys, John Mayer

In the first segment of the interview, Howard Stern and Andy Cohen discussed the Tonys.

Both men were totally bored by the show, and were unhappy with the way it was hosted. They had hoped that Bette Middler would have talked more as well.

Next, Howard and Andy discussed John Mayer. Andy said that he loves being around John Mayer.

They also discussed Katy Perry's claim over the weekend that John Mayer was the best lover she has ever had. Howard said that John Mayer must have eaten Katy Perry's a--.

Howard and Andy then discussed the new Love Connection. They talked about the format, and the fact that there are LGBT couples on the show.

Cohen took a few swipes at the former host of Love Connection, Chuck Woolery, for his anti-gay views. Cohen also mentioned that he has a lot of hot lesbians on the show, and that draws a lot of viewers.

Cohen also remarked that he would be okay with having Nazis or ISIS fighters as contestants on his show.

Howard Stern and Andy Cohen on Kathy Griffin, Anderson Cooper

Howard Stern and Andy Cohen talked about Cohen's relationship with Anderson Cooper. Cohen had asked Cooper about Kathy Griffin.

Cohen said that Cooper is still friends with Kathy Griffin, but he's upset about what she did. Cohen also noted that Cooper is extremely moody.

Cohen said that Kathy Griffin has an issue with him (Cohen). Cohen said that Griffin is nice, and she seemed very sincere when she apologized.

Andy Cohen Talks Guys

Toward the end of the show, Stern and Cohen discussed who Cohen would sleep with.

Between Michael Strahan and Ryan Seacrest, he chose Seacrest.

Between Trump and Pence, he chose Pence, for "hate sex." Cohen explained that since he was on the Howard Stern Show the last time, he has been getting c--k pics from straight guys asking him to rate them.

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