The Young Turks (TYT) Announces It's Back On SiriusXM - Where To Listen

This evening, The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur announced that their main show, The Young Turks, has returned to Sirius XM satellite radio.

There were rumors of this programming addition over the weekend when Sirius XM started running promos for The Young Turks. However this evening, it was confirmed during The Young Turks online program.

Cenk Uygur opened his online show today discussing his return to the network. He explained that they will be in joining a lineup with Stephanie Miller, Mark Thompson, Dean Obeidallah and others. The show will be airing weeknights from 9 to 11 PM ET on Progress 127, which will be two hours after the show airs online.

In the past, The Young Turks has been aired on both Sirius and XM radio. Originally, the show featured hosts Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Michael Shure, and Jill Pike. Pike has since left The Young Turks.

The Sirius XM listeners will be a welcome addition to the TYT family. The Young Turks currently has approximately 80 million unique viewers per month, and several billion views in total.

The Young Turks Adds A New Reporter

The Young Turks also announced their newest reporter today. This new reporter is joining the network as a result of the journalism drive: Andrew Jones. Cenk Uygur explained that he Jones has worked at the Intercept, the Guardian, MSNBC, and the Wall Street Journal.

Other reporters hired as a result of this drive were Nomiki Konst, Dylan Ratigan, and Michael Tracy.

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