WTF? Joe Manchin To Appear on The Young Turks -- At His Request

Today, Cenk Uygur announced on The Young Turks live show that Senator Joe Manchin will be appearing on The Young Turks next week.

But quite possibly the most surprising thing about the announcement is that the interview was at Manchin's request. Update see the interview here

As any watcher of The Young Turks knows, Manchin is probably the most disliked Democrat in Congress by Uygur and the other members of the network.

Manchin has consistently joined with Republicans to push for center-right legislation. Uygur consistently calls out Manchin for his positions.

Although The Young Turks mostly calls out Republicans, they often go after conservative Democrats as well. And Manchin is known as the most conservative Democrat in the Senate to many.

In fact, Uygur and the group that he co-founded, Justice Democrats, have pushed for a Democrat to primary Manchin.

The Justice Democrats are supporting Paula Swearengin to run for Manchin's West Virginia Senate seat. During the teaser for the interview, Young Turk John Idarolla jokingly asked if Swearengin would show up to take down Manchin during the interview.

The interview is bound to be extremely interesting.

But possibly more interesting is the fact that Manchin apparently contacted The Young Turks to ask to appear. It's unclear what Manchin expects from the interview, but it's very unlikely that Cenk Uygur will go easy on Manchin.

According to Uygur, the interview will be airing live on July 11th for members. The video and clips will be made available to non-members at a later date.

Manchin often appears on TV interviews, including on FOX. But he has rarely appeared on progressive news outlets. He has never been liked by progressives because of his conservative positions.

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