The Howard Stern Show's Memet Is Letting A Guy Do What To Him For $5k?

On this morning's The Howard Stern Show, we learned an interesting thing about Memet Walker. According to Howard Stern, Memet was offered $5000 by a gay guy for a sex act....and it looks like he will accept (sort of).

The incident started when Memet asked the girl he's hooking up with to have a threesome. The girl would only agree to that if Memet would have sex with another guy. A gay guy heard about this when Howard talked about it, and he contacted Memet with an offer.

He was willing to pay Memet $5000 to give Memet oral sex. Memet decided he wasn't willing to do that -- although he was happy that a guy thought he'd be worth it -- but he wanted the $5 grand. So he "negotiated," according to Howard Stern.

Memet Makes A (Sort Of) Deal On The Howard Stern Show

Memet wanted that money bad, so he came up with a counter-offer. The offer: Memet would have sex with a woman with the gay guy watching. In response, Howard asked if the gay guy would be masturbating to Memet during the incident. Memet responded, "if he's paying that much, I'd probably at least have to allow him ot do that."

Memet argued with Howard Stern about whether this is a gay act. Howard insisted that it was a gay act, while Memet disagreed. Howard also insisted that Memet would essentially be doing porn if he does this. However, Memet didn't think it was porn because it won't be recorded.

There are some pitfalls that Memet was aware of, however. He admitted that "you'd have to split it in half [with the woman]...and then you've gotta think about taxes and stuff." Well, at least Memet's accountant will be happy.

Howard called Memet a theater performer, because he wouldn't do webcam stuff.

What do you think? Will Memet go through with it? Tell us what you think on Twitter.

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