'The Young Turks' Erupts In A Shouting Match Over Trump's Picks

On this evening's The Young Turks, host Cenk Uygur was joined by comedian Jimmy Dore and former Current TV reporter Michael Shure to discuss Trump's new government appointees.

Tonight on The Young Turks, tempers started to flare as Dore and Shure got into a heated argument over whether Trump's actions are any worse than Clinton's potential actions. As the argument progressed, both started to raise their voices, and got to a point of shouting, before main host Cenk Uygur cut in. At the end of the confrontation, both said Shure and Dore said that they hate each other, which was apparently said sarcastically, although it is unclear.

Later in the show, the two got into another argument about the same subject; however, it was less heated.

Dore and Shure are common fixtures on The Young Turks, and Shure was one of the original hosts, although he left the show for a while when he was on Current TV. Dore is a comedian who hosts The Jimmy Dore Show, as well as shows on the TYT Network.

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While both Dore and Shure are progressives, they have very different viewpoints. Shure is more of a pro-establishment Democrat who was a huge fan of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. During the election, Shure was extremely confident that Trump would lose, and he made several bets to that end. Of course, that proved to be wrong.

Dore, meanwhile, was a Bernie Sanders supporter who refused to vote for Clinton. Dore's position is that progressives did nothing to fight the overreach during the Obama administration, and that maybe under the Trump administration, progressives will begin to fight. During the argument, Dore brought up President Obama's record number of deportations and blanket spying on Americans as examples.

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The Young Turks has had a history of the Trump vs Obama issue causing heated arguments. During the conventions, a similar heated argument took place between Dore and Ben Mankiewicz, another TYT host who also had positive views of Hillary Clinton. During that argument, the tension got to the point where the two men were ready to stand up and come to blows. The show quickly cut to break, and when the show returned both Dore and Mankiewicz were subdued.

Unlike traditional media, The Young Turks has made a name for itself by showing this level of passion. One of the most watched video clips on Youtube was about Cenk Uygur calling out the media for the Iraq war. You can watch it here:

We will post a clip of the incident when it becomes available.

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