Gazillion's 'Marvel Heroes 2016' and 'Doctor Strange' Joins Forces

Marvel's Doctor Strange has cast its spell and inspired some magical new content for Marvel Heroes 2016, Gazillion's super-powered action-RPG for PC and Mac. Timed alongside the Marvel Studios film's U.S. release to theaters everywhere this Friday, the new content includes the following:

Doctor Strange Costume: By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! Gazillion's own digital sorcery has created a film-inspired costume for the playable character.

Two Doctor Strange Team-Ups: Players can fight alongside Doctor Strange in his comics-inspired Team-Up version or try their luck at a film-inspired Doctor Strange Team-Up (among several other sorcerous sundries) found in the new Sorcerer Supreme Mystery Box.

Mordo Team-Up: One of Doctor Strange's most trusted allies can fight alongside the player's choice of 59 playable Super Heroes and Super Villains.

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"Invaders from the Dark Dimension" Event: Already under way and with another week left to go, this enchanting event immerses players in Marvel's unique world of magic. Droves of demons are terrorizing Manhattan, paving the way for the arrival of Kaecilius, inspired by the main antagonist of Marvel's Doctor Strange.

"We've set a precedent at Gazillion to deliver top-quality content inspired by Marvel's huge events, from movies and TV shows to the comics themselves--and what we've got in store for Marvel's Doctor Strange is some of the best yet," says Dave Dohrmann, CEO of Gazillion.

"Our developers continue to amaze me, and I'm convinced they have their own Eye of Agamotto hidden somewhere to create such consistently great material. They're secretly among the most supreme art and design teams in the business."

In recent months, Marvel Heroes 2016 has included huge content additions inspired by Marvel's Luke Cage, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, plus a continued rollout of strikingly improved visual updates to existing character models and graphics.

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