Ben Affleck Expresses His Love for Taylor Swift on The Ellen Show

What? Batman loves Taylor Swift? Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Ben Affleck visited The Ellen Show to chat about his friends, brother and Taylor Swift. He also played a hilarious game of 5 Second Rule with DeGeneres.

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DeGeneres congratulated Ben's brother Casey on winning a Golden Globe; Ben said he was more nervous for Casey that he ever was for himself. Ben said he asked his 4-year-old if he saw what happened and he responded by saying, "the man said Casey Affleck." He later revealed that he explained to his son that presenting is also very important.

DeGeneres reminded Ben Affleck that Good Will Hunting was 20 years ago and that he and Matt Damon won Oscars for the film. Affleck said he and Damon didn't appreciate it as much then as he did later on after making Argo. Meanwhile, the actor told DeGeneres about his bit trip with his brother, Damon and his family. They all went skiing, and Affleck said that all of their kids are better skiers than he is.

Affleck said he has become an expert on tweens as his 11-year-old loves to listen to Radio Disney. He also revealed that they go to Taylor Swift concerts -- and that's pretty much his life. He happens to think that Swift is a great role model. You can hear all about Affleck's life away from saving Gotham City in The Ellen Show videos below.

Ben Affleck Expresses His Love for Taylor Swift on The Ellen Show

Ben Affleck Plays 5 Second Rule On The Ellen Show

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