Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' Is Already The Best Selling Album Of 2017

First week sales for Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' album are already in and it is a monster.

It is already the best selling album of 2017. With the upcoming Holiday season upon us, it's possible the album will get even more sales as people will buy gifts for Christmas.

As reported by BuzzAngle Music (via Variety), 'Reputation' sold an impressive 1.28 million units in pure album sales.

If we take into about streams for the album, the number is closer to the 1.29 million mark. This is just first week sales so expect the number to get even higher by the end of the year.

Bear in mind, the album is still not available to stream on all major platforms such as Spotify.

If Swift released the album on Spotify, the stream count would have been much higher. It's possible she will put the album up on Spotify later once traditional sales start to taper off.

Not only is it the best selling album of 2017 already, but it earned Taylor Swift's her biggest first week sales ever. The album's launch sales are higher than all of the other five albums she has released in the past.

Since 1991, Swift is the only artist to get a million plus with album sales in its first week alone four times. Swift didn't do the traditional media promotion for this new album as most of it was done via her own social media platforms.

Swift has a loyal fan base of millions of fans around the world already. She doesn't really need the media to let the fans know her album is out.

We reviewed the album a few days ago and it's a good listen.

Sure it strays away from her country music roots, but it is a decent modern pop album. Not to mention lyrically, Swift is getting better as her songs are more than just past relationships with boyfriends.

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