Taylor Swift Releases New Song Called 'Call It What You Want'

Taylor Swift has released yet another new song off of the album called 'Reputation'.

The song is called 'Call It What You Want' and the lyrics really highlight how she is trying to forget all of the negative headlines that have been made about her lately by the media.

While a proper music video has not been released yet, Taylor Swift uploaded a lyric video on YouTube instead.

The song is not as catchy as 'Ready For It', but it may have the best lyrics written for the new album so far.

The lyrics that stand out to me are "All the liars are calling me one" and " Nobody has heard from me for months".

Swift got some negativity several months back during her beef with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It all stemmed for a small lyric that Kanye West used in one of his songs.

The part about not hearing from her is also true. Swift is not doing the usual heavy promotion for the new album.

She wants to avoid all of the media interviews regarding her backstage drama and personal life. However, she claims in the song that she is doing better now than she ever was.

As for the song itself, it still has the modern sounding pop music vibe. The new album still does not have a song that reminds me of the old Taylor Swift.

Swift is shedding her good girl image and wants to become something new. It's unlikely we'll see her go back to the country music genre anytime soon.

Anyway, you can listen to the new song in the video down below. The new album called 'Reputation; is out worldwide on November 10th, 2017.

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