'Reputation' Album From Taylor Swift Is Already Getting A Lot Of Pre-orders

Anticipation is very high for the release of Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' album coming out later this month.

In the USA alone, pre-orders for the album are very good. It appears as if the album could have a bigger launch compared to the release of Swift's previous album called '1989'.

As reported by the Associated Press, Taylor Swift's record label, Big Machine Records, says that 'Reputation' has already amassed over 400,000 units in pre-orders alone. The album is also the biggest pre-order for a music item in Target history.

In comparison to '1989' back in 2014, the new album already has double the number of pre-orders.

This goes to show us how popular Swift has become over the years. Despite getting some negative press, her fans still go out and droves to support her no matter what.

The 400,000 unit number includes pre-orders in the USA. It includes many retailers as well as digital stores such as iTunes.

Three of Swift's previous albums have all had sales of over 1 million units in just a couple of weeks of release. With the way things are going, 'Reputation' could get even bigger sales.

Even though Swift has shed her country girl image, the change has been profitable for her. The move to a more modern pop music sound has allowed her to keep up with the times. Her fans don't seem to mind the change as aforementioned.

Swift is so popular, she is not even doing the normal promotion for the new album.

She is keeping her life private from the media for the time being. Most of the promotion for the new album has been made via her many social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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