Hear Lance Armstrong Reveal All About Doping On The Howard Stern Show

Today on the Howard Stern show, Howard invited controversial cyclist Lance Armstrong for a wide-ranging discussion on everything from doping to cancer to peeing in his pants.

Of course, the major topic discussed during the show was Lance Armstrong's use of EPO and the fallout related to that. Howard Stern asked Armstrong what made him decide to come clean on Oprah. Although Armstrong realized it was too soon for a lot of people, he explained that he knew he was going to get sued and would be deposed. Therefore, he decided that the best thing to do was explain the truth to Oprah, whom he deeply respects and trusts.

You can hear the clip here:

Armstrong said he's glad he did it, but he didn't appear too happy with how it worked out with Oprah. He said that Oprah came out very harshly and still, nobody was satisfied. Armstrong feels that what really upset his fans was more the denial that actually using the substances.

When Howard Stern asked Armstrong about EPO, Armstrong said that "I knew I needed a knife because I was going to a knife fight." Went Stern asked if he thought he really needed it, Armstrong didn't know for sure, but he said it's a mental issue as well. He said that almost everybody else used EPO but not everybody.

Listen to the clip below:

Lance Armstrong also talked to Howard about how hard it was for him to talk to his children about the doping issue. He said that the older kids were old enough to live it with him, and go through therapy as necessary.

His children didn't know anything, and even though they saw allegations of doping in the news, they didn't believe that the allegations were true. It was very difficult for Armstrong to explain that they were true to those kids. However he still going through the process with his younger kids who were too young to understand when the story originally broke.

You can listen to Armstrong talking about how he no longer really loves cycling below:

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