Steven Colbert Talks Being "Hammered" On TV On The Howard Stern Show

Today, top late night TV host Stephen Colbert joined Howard Stern to discuss his new projects on The Howard Stern Show.  

But before talking about his new projects, he took some time to discuss other subjects, such as how difficult it was at the beginning of the show, when ratings were an issue, and there were rumors that Colbert may be replaced by James Corden.

In discussing the show's history, Colbert discussed his comedic focus on Donald Trump.

Howard Stern suggested that Trump's election was a blessing, even though Colbert said that he would have preferred lower ratings to Trump as President.

However, Colbert doesn't think that the craziness of the news will change, even after Trump leaves office.

Some of the other things Colbert revealed in his interview with Stern:

  • Colbert and Jon Batiste are good friends, and they stay at eachothers' houses
  • Colbert likes to take naps during the day
  • He did last night's show with Jennifer Lawrence "hammered"
  • He uses marijuana to help him sleep

Colbert also talked about hosting the Emmys, and having Sean Spicer on.

He explained that he felt "a little bad" about using Spicer as a punchline, but he wanted Sean to "lie for me like he does for Trump." But he knew it was a risk, as the crowd was mostly left-leaning, and they would not like seeing Spicer "rehabilitated".

Nevertheless, Colbert found it important to take the risk.


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Bill Norton