Explosive: Kushner's Observer Reports NSA Has Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion

Well, this is a shocker: The Observer, a news organization owned by Jared Kushner, published a piece today saying that NSA Chief Mike Rogers told his staff in private that there is evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

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The article, which you can read here, says that there was a town hall event for NSA employees, which was broadcast worldwide. Here is what the article says:

In his town hall talk, Rogers reportedly admitted that President Trump asked him to discredit the FBI and James Comey, which the admiral flatly refused to do. As Rogers explained, he informed the commander in chief, "I know you won't like it, but I have to tell what I have seen"--a probable reference to specific intelligence establishing collusion between the Kremlin and Team Trump.

Rogers then added that such SIGINT exists, and it is damning. He stated, "There is no question that we [meaning NSA] have evidence of election involvement and questionable contacts with the Russians." Although Rogers did not cite the specific intelligence he was referring to, agency officials with direct knowledge have informed me that DIRNSA was obviously referring to a series of SIGINT reports from 2016 based on intercepts of communications between known Russian intelligence officials and key members of Trump's campaign, in which they discussed methods of damaging Hillary Clinton.

The author of the article went on to say that there is a need at this point to get Mike Rogers to testify before the intel committee in a classified session.

While we don't know if this is true, the fact that Jared Kushner's own news outlet printed it is shocking. The article's author is from the NSA, so he appears to have some contacts within the organization.

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